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Today I’m in Washington

I am glad to have a few days off of driving while in Washington to reflect and write and although a day never goes by without work involved at this point the question I ask is ” what is this process worth to me?” “the answer is….everything”.

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It’s a half hour before my show…

I’m in Boulder, Colorado and Im writing very quickly to say hi and let everyone know the tour is going terrific!!!!  I have been editing and putting together our tour vlogs on you-tube under MBird so everyone can watch them and just generally vibe with us goin strong!!!  The road is making me a little […]

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Newest City Update for MBird US TOUR

Hello everybody heres a new blog:)))) It’s a short Blog. It’s the listing for the tour so far. We aren’t done yet but we are half way there..thank you for all support and please keep donating every little bit helps:))) Please take some time to donate at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mbird/mbird-us-radio-tour So heres the deal…I am feelin really […]

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