…a beautiful day in San Francisco

Today is a day about music and taking in a day in a beautiful city.  I have always liked this San Francisco town and it’s one of the only ones I’ve spent any time in on the West coast other than LA.  I came here with my best friend Angie a few years ago for about a week and it really helped me relax before my surgery.  It was the only trip I had ever taken on my own that wasn’t for a doctor visit or with my parents, so it was awesome!!!  Plus, my best friend Angie is the best travel buddy of all time and that was a huge plus, so even though I’m only breezing through San Fran today I feel really good about it and it holds very good energy for me. Yesterday we were driving into San Fran at dusk, the fog blanketed the city and the Golden Gate Bridge disappeared into a misty sky full of dripping rain and an island looking city that I wish I could live in.  It was awesome!!! I’m excited to play tonight here in the theatre district and then get up in the morning to drive the seven hours to LA…crossing my fingers to miss the major traffic but with LA it’s kind of a blurrrr.

Today I am patiently waiting on the rest of our kickstarter money to come in to help us not go broke, but in this atmosphere it’s hard to worry about anything.  Especially, when there’s only 24hrs….what can you do but try and relax and sing….


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Today I’m in Washington

Well I am in Seattle today and apparently I have brought the good weather with me.  It is sunny and around 75 outside.  I am driving south of the city this afternoon to record an in studio performance for KGHP Seattle and I am finishing up a new video blog and writing a new song.  This tune must’ve been waiting for Seattle because it’s been a year and a half droppin into the birth canal. It will finally come to life in 4 days in San Francisco.   So far this tour has brought out some great things in me.  It has also brought out some ugly things too.  I feel like I have just come through hitting the proverbial wall in Utah and although a beautiful city and a lovely show helped me stay afloat I was going kinda nuts…and 16 cities into this tour things like sewer smells in our hotels, bad money decisions and my own personal mental and physical limitations don’t always make that positive attitude I cling to the easiest to hold.!!!   I tend to want to feel that things are limitless.  Things like music, energy, love and learning constantly amaze me, always pushing me towards savoring this experience and saving my sanity.   Maybe the savoring of surviving most of the time has seasoned my senses to feeling my way through all the nuances of this adventure, whether perceived by me as good or bad.   However perceived, the reality of driving 1500 miles in two days on top of no sleep plus the 600 hundred mile trek the day before plus the 1000 miles the prior two days and writing, singing, practicing, fighting, updating, calls home, playing shows and editing videos is pushing me toward believing I myself may have some limits.   I am glad to have a few days off of driving while in Washington to reflect and write and although a day never goes by without work involved at this point the question I ask is ” what is this process worth to me?” My answer is always…everything.

I will continue to delve into my experiences with the new vlogs and blog postings whenever I get a chance:))  Thanks for reading..


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It’s a half hour before my show…

I’m in Boulder, Colorado and Im writing very quickly to say hi and let everyone know the tour is going terrific!!!!  I have been editing and putting together our tour vlogs on you-tube under MBird so everyone can watch them and just generally vibe with us goin strong!!!  The road is making me a little nuts I think but not in a bad way…just in a new way! hahaha! It’s been five weeks and 13 cities so far and I  feel like every day kinda blurs into the next but I want to keep up with the radio stations that are playing the new record and with the fans that we are getting in all the cities. So I’m calling everyday and trying to keep putting things out there.  The venues have been awesome and very accomodating:)))  For what started as just a radio tour has certainly become more than that.  It’s an everything tour consisting of live radio performances, talks with newspapers and magazines and of course live venue performances almost every two days.  Incorporate that with two people, my moms car, and a song-writers book of music and it’s making me a different person.  Kudos to all who have gone before me and to those who are coming.  Follow me on twitter @mbirdmusic, youtube and facebook!!!  I’ll write more soon the west coast half of the tour has begun!!!!

Love to you all


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MBIRD US Tour: Road Stories

Well it’s a live day here in Philadelphia.
Every time I think of this town I always think of that Tom Hanks movie…is that normal? I dont know. What I do know is I just ate a real breakfast for the first time in two weeks of being on the road and I loved every minute of it. Weird…but the days just flow together and this is my first moment alone. Michael (my guitar player and co writer) and I have been looking at each others dumb faces for hours and hours and hours!!!! Thank god I like him or this would suck. I kinda wish I could paint the picture of this trip so far for you with mind shots but that technology hasn’t really been released yet. Maybe soon but for now the written word will have to suffice.
Comin off two great jazz shows in KC was a great send off; lots of good music and good friends big hugs to y’all. The next day I went to Nashville got our shit together meet up with Michael, get with our publicist, get records, and head to Louisville KY to jangle our gypsy music in a gallery type music joint called Derby City. That day was interesting since we also played live on a Louisville radio show that morning. After we piled everything in the car and started driving we realized our GPS was saying wrong time of arrival. We were both like “What?! Why does it say it takes four hours to get from Nashville to Louisville? I live in Nashville and I’ve played in Louisville before why would it all of sudden take this long!? Yeah, well, it doesn’t take that long however it does initiate a time change!! So, we drove like mad, freakin out…called our radio publicist huffin and puffin and we made our LIVE radio interview two minutes before air-time. No shit. We walked in and we were just in awe of how beautiful this station was. They really take care of the public radio there…the joint was off the hook. Efficient and huge!!!! We met our interviewer named Marion Dries, plugged in and broadcasted live. We were also able to broadcast from our own system as well for the first time to our fans through live video. The site is called justin.tv you type in MBird and boom anytime we have a show or live broadcast you can watch from your home or office. ITS AWESOME!!! My Grammie in North Dakota watched the radio interview which was great and we’ve been pickin folks up all along the way watchin every show in every town. We also always post a link on FB and our website of course:)) The interview and live songs went great we were so happy to have made it and been in such a lovely establishment it was a great time. After the interview we had a live chat with our online viewers and then went to the park and practiced a little. Michael and I have put this tour together by ourselves from scratch and we have had no chance to practice at all. The radio show was our first time playing together in months. So needless to say the few hours before the show that night were needed. Especially for me since I am filling out the fiddle and guitar parts on about six tunes plus singing of course. Since theres only two of us it’s a nice variety during the show especially the longer ones. That night we showed up at Derby City and played about ten tunes. It was very cool. The room was silent as people really listened to the lyrics. It was a great, cool vibe since it had been bustling loud right up till when we started. The room was lit up with art on the walls and heavy drinking outside and inside. The fifty people in the place were dispersed throughout the venue and in the living room style area we played face to face to twenty people with their eyes glued to us. Like I said, with so little rehearsal Michael and I just threw our hats in the ring and said “whatever, we wrote em, let’s just play!!!” It was great no mistakes…
The bands after us were great too Fork and Socket, Bu Hau Ting, and the DJ Eric was a personal high-light for me. Specializing in Regae music Eric loves lyric heavy tunes from that genre, it was really cool to hear the tunes he chose. He also let me know he is refining his technique on the growing of mushrooms of all kinds. It seems random but it’s really not. Apparently he has been pushing to be in the leading line for spiritualized and medicinal uses of the mushroom and has been asked to speak at the earth fair this year in Louisville. I really enjoyed our talk since I’ve spent a great deal of time in communities that celebrate the San Pedro Plant Medicine and Shamanic Journeying of all kinds. I have also been exposed to many communities that have released the uses of plant medicine and use techniques located in the focused breath and drum to reach the same experience which I shared with him. It was a fabulous exchange. We also had friends from The Shakespeare Company come out and hang with us. They made for a great audience. Thank the Arts for creating listeners….This town was full of great people and great music. I had a blast. We stayed the night. Left early in the morning to wait through easter before heading on a 9 hour drive to Charlottesville VA!!!
More to come I am taking one city at a time for now…I will write more about VA., Baltimore, and Philly in a few days. Plus I have some vlogs coming up in the next few days to show ya’ll. Please stay connected to us AT….





Thanks everyone…enjoy this tour with us!

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Newest City Update for MBird US TOUR

Hello everybody heres a new blog:))))
It’s a short Blog. It’s the listing for the tour so far. We aren’t done yet but we are half way there..thank you for all support and please keep donating every little bit helps:)))
Please take some time to donate at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mbird/mbird-us-radio-tour
So heres the deal…I am feelin really good now. We are confirmed in these cities all over the US!!!
Louisvillle KY, Baltimore MA, two shows in Philly, New York New York, Akron Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Indianapolis IN, Detriot MI, Milwaukee WI, Minneapolis MN, Boulder CO, Salt Lake City UT, Seattle WA, Portland OR, San Francisco CA….
We have about 15 more to book and actually have about five in the wings waitin for confirmation!!! So this IS happening and we ARE coming. HOORAY!
Now whats left? Booking radio interviews, print interviews, figuring routes and hotels. Pricing everything correctly, practicing, finishing jazz gigs and getting everyone who lives in these towns to come out and see us play!!!!
More to come later just a quick whats happenin!!

My Best to everybody keep checkin the sites for updates.

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MBIRD Tour Craziness Tutorial

MBIRD continues her vlog on how she started her independent tour of the US. Follow her progress, comment with questions, and come see her when MBIRD comes to your town! US Tour April-May 2010.

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This is Miss Music

Oh Boy, this is my first blog in a while and I’m not sure what I’m gonna write but I am gonna try and write everyday.  Right now I’m listening to Stevie Wonder and Jackson Five…it’s hot!!!!

I’m gonna tell you about my day today: My group and I finished putting together the list for the upcoming tour for the northwest.  The south and the northeast are coming in the next 48hrs.  Prepping this tour is crazy hard…I’m managing it and putting it together and the step by steps hurt my brain:)  There are major details involved, and I feel like I can’t even describe it….well actually I can, and I will on my future posts and video blogs.  I think independent artists in general should have a model of some kind off of which to build themselves.  This is my process so far…(of course ruling out the very first step which is having good songs, confidence, experience and transportation.)

The biggest thing I’ve had to work on for myself is initiative and money of course but all that can be managed with planning and asking for help. (and theres a camera over my shoulder weirdooooooooooooo !!!!! video blogs hahaha!!! ) I really found myself going through times where I would get so down thinking everything was impossible. I had a night like that just last night actually because this is all still just getting launched and I’m honestly totally freaked.  However I have learned through my life to trust the process and know if my heart is in it I will be lead in the right direction.  Plus I can really freak out in my closet and I always feel better after ripping a pair of my jeans apart:)  Seriously though, deep down this is a cool thing and I think the first step to a comfortable tour is saving money for a while.  That way you have some room to work with.  I have been doing that since around July when I was turning the corner on finishing the record and those costs were coming to a close.  I couldn’t do a ton but you just put aside what you can and eventually it adds up (band fund).  I wanted to have at least $4000 saved by the time I started this not knowing anything about tours, I figured that would be good.  I was still under big time but that was the goal initially.  Around that time my songwriting partner and I started visiting with other bands, we put up the record online without officially releasing.   Basically started meeting people, friending people on myspace and facebook asking people what they wanted to see and hear out of their choice music.   Then I started researching touring in general, meeting with different people asking them what they do..like managers, road managers, publicists, folks doing main stream music industry stuff, good musicians and talking with business specialists.  Some of the things I ran into were completely inapplicable to me in my circumstances since I am totally independent of corporate funding and at this time a label (thats a whole different world and you still need a big label to have it change much). In fact I have started raising money on Kickstarter.com http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mbird/mbird-us-radio-tour so we have money for places to sleep since I forgot that part of the budget and right now we are sleeping in the car:) But when I finally got to people who could vibe into what I was talking about several conversations in, I noticed people were all saying the same thing.  Mostly, that the music industry rules were bending a lot and everything was changing.  Bascically it’s up to me and there was no right or wrong way to do this.  So, I chilled for a while and digesting everything.  In the mean time I made a financial projection (which I messed up) and decided this record was worth giving me and my survived voice everything I had.  I formulated this mish-moshed plan to travel the United States with just a guitar player and do radio shows and play live in indie record stores and venues.  Sounds like an easy idea because it is…but it took me all that to get the nerve to actually get it goin.  I’m gonna be on my gypsy tour for a long time and I have a lot of blogs to write…today I’m just beat since like I mentioned we just finished logging the entire northwest and westcoast clubs, coffee houses and independent record stores– contact info like phone, addresses, email and rating systems in relation to our style of music…..sent:)

and I just got an email from Santa Cruz!!!  Officially our first responding club….AHHHHH!!!!

Love MBird-Megan

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MBIRD Over the Bones

The story behind the record… MBIRD Over the Bones is my first collection of all original songs. I’m so excited to get a chance to tell you all about how it came to be, how it was inspired, recorded, and give you a chance to see some of the fabulous players on it. There’s also a bit of a bonus track, a solo rendition of an unreleased original track “Old Man.”

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MBird One Kiss

Live demo of MBird’s “One Kiss” from the forthcoming album “Over the Bones”

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MBIRD’s madness of touring

As MBIRD gets ready for her national tour, she decided to sit down and let everybody know how she’s made it happen. This vlog is the first in a series detailing how ANY independent artist can take their music and their career into their own hands, and make a tour just like this happen for them (she’s also jamming out to Stevie Wonder the whole time. Inspiration?)

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