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On the record!!!

We are very happy to announce that the MBird 7 track ep is being demoed and will be finished within the next few months. This band is back-logged with 3 years worth of material and we are bursting to get it on record. The selection process had us in lockdown for a couple months, but […]

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We are flying fast into 2014 and excited about it! I am happy to announce that we are headed into the studio this summer to record the next MBird album. We are happy to be performing at The International Folk Alliance this month and continuing our residence at The Uptown Arts Bar where MBird’s Artist […]

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MBIRD Brand New

We are happily moving forward with our new full band and new music. I have been writing alone and with my band for the last 18 months as we have begun transitioning as a group and I have been deepening as a person. New challenges and major life lessons have turned me on my head […]

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Summer Sounds

Summer sounds like this: Summer Sounds like MBird demoing our new record. I have taken possession of not only a new home in Kansas City, but also a new office to run music, advertising, promotions and social media for artists and small businesses, and that sounds like a great time! Summer also sounds like a […]

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In the cut

I have decided that the pulse coming from my spirit is going to transform my microphones. I have grown weary of negativity and heavy competition that drips with alcohol or traces itself in a death outline of drugs and old hate. The music that caresses my lips and ribbons from heart has compassion for the […]

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Things are looking good in both hoods.

I am happy to report that through great storms there is always sunshine. I am a personal representation of this as I wade through the oceans of turmoil with new experiences ushering me towards land. I have been writing every moment I am not in a doctors office and I am finding solace in these […]

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Content and writing

I am back in Nashville writing, moving and I feel like transition is here. There is a manic awareness I can sense in my life and that feeling is all musical. As most people already know I am splitting between two towns and two genre’s of music jazz and indy-folk music. I don’t see much […]

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Tonight is music in Paris

I am dreaming of Paris tonight wondering if I’ll ever make it there and if I do will I have a bed to sleep in? How many times in my life have I been moving, moving, moving, and this time I want to move towards singing in Europe. The songs I’ve been writing lately certainly […]

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July 28th the world of songs

This is an amazing and crazy summer of singing all over the country and then back to Nashville and then to Kansas City. Tons of shows, lots of support, lots of new songwriting, lots of jazz, guitars and Cadillacs. Heh heh! I have been nominated for best jazz solo artist in Kansas City this year […]

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AN Artist Muse

As I sit in my hotel room watching the pages of my calendar roll by and the numbers in my savings account drop, I ask myself (as I have asked so many others on this tour)…what are we doing? In Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday I will hang up my guitar and put on my writing […]

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