On the record!!!

We are very happy to announce that the MBird 7 track ep is being demoed and will be finished within the next few months. This band is back-logged with 3 years worth of material and we are bursting to get it on record. The selection process had us in lockdown for a couple months, but we finally decided on some newbies and some of the earlier songs we wrote to keep the arc of the band’s writing apparent as you listen to this album and the next 4 or 5 that follow. We have committed to being in a studio whether it’s ours or someone else’s for the next 18 months until we get this material out.
The fevered explosion around the decision for many consecutive albums is that we want to keep writing
(MBird has a reputation for being serial writers). The more we write the more we change and grow, which is great fun for us, but not the listeners if we don’t give you a record of it. So…its on!
I am in the studio right now at 10:30 on a Wednesday night, listening to our guitar player Michael awkwardly sing my part really loudly over his headphones to decide what to noodle over the guitar tracks I laid down yesterday hahaha…it sounds pretty great!
(he’s singing ’cause theres no vocal yet due to me having a laryngitis cold!)

So I will keep everyone posted as we continue this journey and making this music…I cant wait to share the last 3 years with everyone, because it’s been a crazy journey.

-Matt Megan Ben Michael (in order left to right)

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