MBIRD Brand New

We are happily moving forward with our new full band and new music. I have been writing alone and with my band for the last 18 months as we have begun transitioning as a group and I have been deepening as a person. New challenges and major life lessons have turned me on my head and that has impacted our vibe and sound as it should…I wrote in a journal last December that “at each beginning you leap with your arms open and where you land is always uncharted territory”. This process has been my subconscious catching my conscious ego and turning me towards things I had no idea I would ever need. That is my story. Its everyones story and because I choose to write music (and I am lucky enough to have the greatest band I could ever ask for) I am able to look back at this journey song by song and show by show with awe and gratitude even though I am a different vibration of me than I was when I started this band in 2010. get-attachment-8.aspx

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