Summer Sounds

Summer sounds like this: Summer Sounds like MBird demoing our new record. I have taken possession of not only a new home in Kansas City, but also a new office to run music, advertising, promotions and social media for artists and small businesses, and that sounds like a great time! Summer also sounds like a Summer concert series being hosted by MBirdMusic, featuring tons of our favorite artists from all over. And just so we get all these sounds correct, let’s talk about what M Productions sounds like, ’cause some of you have never heard of it. M Productions is the central hub from which all MBird’s endeavors spring forth. Currently, we have the well known MBirdMusic, which is of course, our original acoustic/indie folk band. Demoing, writing, touring, and putting together a new record for the Fall. Then, we have MBirdMedia, which works in social media and your regular everyday advertising. This Fabulous M Productions also sounds like MBirdPromotions, which works to promote local business and musicians all over the country, but most importantly, here at home! And last but not least, MBirdManagement, which offers total management of all of these services to any company or our fellow artists and musicians, including touring. Because as we all know, we are too busy to do it for ourselves, because we’re focused on what matters most, our music, our companies and our dreams. This sounds like freedom to me, which is the greatest thing I could ever offer myself or anyone around me. It is the joy I find in my own band, and it is the service that I am proud and happy to get to offer the people and the world around me.

So watch for the concert series, and come and see me if you need a little freedom, and want something that sounds great.
Find me on ALL of these great sites. I’m there, 24 hours a day: MBirdMedia

This Summer sounds like fun…

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