In the cut

I have decided that the pulse coming from my spirit is going to transform my microphones. I have grown weary of negativity and heavy competition that drips with alcohol or traces itself in a death outline of drugs and old hate. The music that caresses my lips and ribbons from heart has compassion for the condition of living in this world and I am residing myself to only be witness to the brave light that emanates from the struggles of those courageous around me. I will be laying in the cut. I will be cutting from the where the cutters have gone to sow. My wish is for the unity of wayward words that will awaken the music of the world around me. I will see it make a quilt for us all to sleep in. Each patch a person, each stitch a note, the whole thing endless and space less like the world we are in. No matter what earthly medium every blink of my eyes is for resonation, calibration and compassion. Like an invisible vibration the shattered open heart sings and it resonates in every tone. It’s the song of life and we sing it every moment of our breath and maybe after.
2012 will bring this to fruition. I can feel it. You have shown it to me. You can hear anyone and anything you want from me. All who can hear are invited. The division in this place has been offered for transformation and I will hum until it becomes digestible like medicine. I invite you to relax and see beyond where you are. Look behind the eyes. There is a light there. We all have it. Come lay in the cut with me, and you may find many others you didn’t know were there waiting for you. I’ll be there with a microphone digging and I have a shovel, a quilt, and a pen for you. Write down your name and then watch it float away. See you there.

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