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I am back in Nashville writing, moving and I feel like transition is here. There is a manic awareness I can sense in my life and that feeling is all musical. As most people already know I am splitting between two towns and two genre’s of music jazz and indy-folk music. I don’t see much of a difference between what I write and the jazz I sing because to me music is music and it is short lived unless adopted somehow or another, but I am very happy that lovely folky phrasing and simple guitar seems to come out of me. Plus, every once in a while I like to hear mandolins and slide guitars in my life which generally are found in country and definitely in Nashville, but however instrumented the music is malleable and writing it happens to me a lot. I personally like my music free of boundaries and released from structure and a jazz life helps in that arena! Particularly when I’ve written a song that “should” sound a certain way and I become really attached to it then I can always give it to jazz players and it flips on it’s head. To me a great song can be played any way you want and that’s what makes being an artist so much fun. I’m trying to rethink some of my tunes. It stretches my ears and my heart when I can write something and hear it first the way I wrote it which is always so bare and then allow others to make it theirs with me.

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