Tonight is music in Paris

I am dreaming of Paris tonight wondering if I’ll ever make it there and if I do will I have a bed to sleep in? How many times in my life have I been moving, moving, moving, and this time I want to move towards singing in Europe.
The songs I’ve been writing lately certainly are not Can Cans. The songs are the opposite actually they are prairie songs that Willie Nelson would like. Nice melodies, haunting words, and jazz affected melodies that have been moving my spirit in a weird way as I am thrust into papers and business every morning. This has been a strange week anyway and I have some really huge things happening personally with me that are pushing me towards solitude and writing. Not even writing songs necessarily but writing for sure. Its 130 am and I am passing out but I will say without the dreams of travel I guess knowone would ever go anywhere so the best way to go is to put one foot in front of the other!!!!

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