Today I’m in Washington

Well I am in Seattle today and apparently I have brought the good weather with me.  It is sunny and around 75 outside.  I am driving south of the city this afternoon to record an in studio performance for KGHP Seattle and I am finishing up a new video blog and writing a new song.  This tune must’ve been waiting for Seattle because it’s been a year and a half droppin into the birth canal. It will finally come to life in 4 days in San Francisco.   So far this tour has brought out some great things in me.  It has also brought out some ugly things too.  I feel like I have just come through hitting the proverbial wall in Utah and although a beautiful city and a lovely show helped me stay afloat I was going kinda nuts…and 16 cities into this tour things like sewer smells in our hotels, bad money decisions and my own personal mental and physical limitations don’t always make that positive attitude I cling to the easiest to hold.!!!   I tend to want to feel that things are limitless.  Things like music, energy, love and learning constantly amaze me, always pushing me towards savoring this experience and saving my sanity.   Maybe the savoring of surviving most of the time has seasoned my senses to feeling my way through all the nuances of this adventure, whether perceived by me as good or bad.   However perceived, the reality of driving 1500 miles in two days on top of no sleep plus the 600 hundred mile trek the day before plus the 1000 miles the prior two days and writing, singing, practicing, fighting, updating, calls home, playing shows and editing videos is pushing me toward believing I myself may have some limits.   I am glad to have a few days off of driving while in Washington to reflect and write and although a day never goes by without work involved at this point the question I ask is ” what is this process worth to me?” My answer is always…everything.

I will continue to delve into my experiences with the new vlogs and blog postings whenever I get a chance:))  Thanks for reading..


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