…a beautiful day in San Francisco

Today is a day about music and taking in a day in a beautiful city.  I have always liked this San Francisco town and it’s one of the only ones I’ve spent any time in on the West coast other than LA.  I came here with my best friend Angie a few years ago for about a week and it really helped me relax before my surgery.  It was the only trip I had ever taken on my own that wasn’t for a doctor visit or with my parents, so it was awesome!!!  Plus, my best friend Angie is the best travel buddy of all time and that was a huge plus, so even though I’m only breezing through San Fran today I feel really good about it and it holds very good energy for me. Yesterday we were driving into San Fran at dusk, the fog blanketed the city and the Golden Gate Bridge disappeared into a misty sky full of dripping rain and an island looking city that I wish I could live in.  It was awesome!!! I’m excited to play tonight here in the theatre district and then get up in the morning to drive the seven hours to LA…crossing my fingers to miss the major traffic but with LA it’s kind of a blurrrr.

Today I am patiently waiting on the rest of our kickstarter money to come in to help us not go broke, but in this atmosphere it’s hard to worry about anything.  Especially, when there’s only 24hrs….what can you do but try and relax and sing….


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