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Oh Boy, this is my first blog in a while and I’m not sure what I’m gonna write but I am gonna try and write everyday.  Right now I’m listening to Stevie Wonder and Jackson Five…it’s hot!!!!

I’m gonna tell you about my day today: My group and I finished putting together the list for the upcoming tour for the northwest.  The south and the northeast are coming in the next 48hrs.  Prepping this tour is crazy hard…I’m managing it and putting it together and the step by steps hurt my brain:)  There are major details involved, and I feel like I can’t even describe it….well actually I can, and I will on my future posts and video blogs.  I think independent artists in general should have a model of some kind off of which to build themselves.  This is my process so far…(of course ruling out the very first step which is having good songs, confidence, experience and transportation.)

The biggest thing I’ve had to work on for myself is initiative and money of course but all that can be managed with planning and asking for help. (and theres a camera over my shoulder weirdooooooooooooo !!!!! video blogs hahaha!!! ) I really found myself going through times where I would get so down thinking everything was impossible. I had a night like that just last night actually because this is all still just getting launched and I’m honestly totally freaked.  However I have learned through my life to trust the process and know if my heart is in it I will be lead in the right direction.  Plus I can really freak out in my closet and I always feel better after ripping a pair of my jeans apart:)  Seriously though, deep down this is a cool thing and I think the first step to a comfortable tour is saving money for a while.  That way you have some room to work with.  I have been doing that since around July when I was turning the corner on finishing the record and those costs were coming to a close.  I couldn’t do a ton but you just put aside what you can and eventually it adds up (band fund).  I wanted to have at least $4000 saved by the time I started this not knowing anything about tours, I figured that would be good.  I was still under big time but that was the goal initially.  Around that time my songwriting partner and I started visiting with other bands, we put up the record online without officially releasing.   Basically started meeting people, friending people on myspace and facebook asking people what they wanted to see and hear out of their choice music.   Then I started researching touring in general, meeting with different people asking them what they managers, road managers, publicists, folks doing main stream music industry stuff, good musicians and talking with business specialists.  Some of the things I ran into were completely inapplicable to me in my circumstances since I am totally independent of corporate funding and at this time a label (thats a whole different world and you still need a big label to have it change much). In fact I have started raising money on so we have money for places to sleep since I forgot that part of the budget and right now we are sleeping in the car:) But when I finally got to people who could vibe into what I was talking about several conversations in, I noticed people were all saying the same thing.  Mostly, that the music industry rules were bending a lot and everything was changing.  Bascically it’s up to me and there was no right or wrong way to do this.  So, I chilled for a while and digesting everything.  In the mean time I made a financial projection (which I messed up) and decided this record was worth giving me and my survived voice everything I had.  I formulated this mish-moshed plan to travel the United States with just a guitar player and do radio shows and play live in indie record stores and venues.  Sounds like an easy idea because it is…but it took me all that to get the nerve to actually get it goin.  I’m gonna be on my gypsy tour for a long time and I have a lot of blogs to write…today I’m just beat since like I mentioned we just finished logging the entire northwest and westcoast clubs, coffee houses and independent record stores– contact info like phone, addresses, email and rating systems in relation to our style of music…..sent:)

and I just got an email from Santa Cruz!!!  Officially our first responding club….AHHHHH!!!!

Love MBird-Megan

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