more tour life stories

The life stories of the confused and sleep deprived…ha!

I am working right now with figuring the actual route of this tour…Michael my guitar player and co song-writer is handling taking the emails and phone calls from the Northeast clubs on the route, plus the calls to people assisting with art.  Casey is my good friend and he is my road advisor for the South. Erin, my fellow singer and musician with the band in KC, is helping putting together videos.  I am  singing a lot of shows before we leave, handling the money aspects of the tour, the Northwest contacts, all of the rewards for the kickstarter, the Websites, all of the podcasts, and the daily written and video Blogs, plus Twitter , FB and MYSPACE.   I’m also handling putting myself and concept together for the music video we are doing this coming week, which I will vlog about too.   Lisa my radio publicist, in Reno, says she’s waiting for clubs to be booked before she can begin to navigate and book our radio interviews, but she has sent out to over 300 radio stations in the country.  Mike my media publicist in Nashville is waiting for the same thing. So in some ways we are in a few day holding pattern until we can nail down exactly when we will be rollin into specific towns.  The hardest part it seems is getting the timing right as we come to cities.  Like, for example, we are in Baltimore the 8th and pull out on the 9th so on-top of getting places interested we also have to co-ordinate exact dates.

On a more personal note.  We all have jobs to do and the process and speed of this is taking its toll on me and the crew too.  Its weird because some cities have two or three clubs contacting us, then other cities like I mentioned, are wanting us to play on days we won’t even be in their town…naturally some cities are needing specific attention from us in order to get the clubs we want to play in.  Yesterday was the worst…lots of squabbles and miscommunication.  Illness pulled one of our main business advisers off the tour and now we have added the responsibility of cataloging all the indie labels in the country we fit with (which we will finish this week) , but now also contacting them and finding out a way to convince reps to come out and see us is on us too.   I am also budgeting in posters for clubs that request them (and they do)…plus a package to send to labels.  This takes a lot of time but is not undo-able by any means.  It just means being on top of getting everything booked, places to stay, radio appearances, and videos professional and non-professional.  You have to be flexible and  be available.  Your promo pack has to be thick and hot and your EPK (electronic press kit) needs to be accessible and good too, because you will have to supply those to every label.  Plus, connecting to the good shows in the cities you want to get looked at in…phew it’s a lot:)

So to catch you up totally.  Today we are following up, and organizing all the emails we sent out last week to all the clubs over the nation.  Finding out which clubs are interested and how it falls during our time line. organization!!!! So far the first 15 days we will be traveling from Altanta to Chapel Hill, then Baltimore to Philly, then to New Jersey and New York.  Then two rest days.  The next leg is Boston to Cleveland, then to Columbus and Ann Arbor, next Indianapolis to Milwaukee/Chicago, and then to Minneapolis.  That takes us through May 1st. We still have about twelve cities after that…

So…check out

Thanks everybody more in a few days,


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